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Founded in 1955, the Banner of Truth seeks to recover Reformed truths through the republishing of Puritan works. They also organise annual conferences to promote Reformed theology.


For more than fifty years, Ligonier has served the church by producing trustworthy discipleship resources that are rooted in the historic Christian faith. Our aim is to help Christians everywhere know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it.


Originally written in Latin and French in multiple editions, the Institutes of the Christian Religion was the magnum opus of the magisterial Reformer John Calvin. A comprehensive systematic theology for any seeking to grapple with the truths of Christianity. 


Medhurst Ministries is a network of churches and exists to take the gospel to the forgotten places of the United Kingdom. The board of Medhurst Ministries consists of experienced pastors and gospel workers who are ministering to communities in areas of deprivation with a vision to see at least 50 local churches that serve in areas of economic and spiritual poverty planted, revitalised and supported through the provision of training, grants, mentoring and resources.


As a church we are affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregation Churches (EFCC). The Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches is all about exalting Christ in growing healthy churches. Working together as churches in the UK we are seeking to revitalise a number of our churches, to call pastors, and above all to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.


Monergism provides a network of resources which seek to root people in 'the historic Christian faith'. There is a vast array of free e-books, mp3 recordings, commentaries and more, from authors such as Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Sinclair Ferguson and John Calvin. 


In an age when Christian morality is often undermined by the Government, the Christian Institute provide legal advice and advocacy for Christians. They also lobby the Government to provide conditions where Christians can quietly and peaceably under all godliness.  

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