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Doctrine is of vital importance to the Christian and as a confessional church we believe that it is important that our beliefs are written down so the truth may be defended. As the famous Baptist minister Charles Spurgeon once said: '“When men use the very words of the Bible to promote heresy, when the Word of truth is perverted to serve error, nothing less than a confession of faith will serve publicly to draw the lines between truth and error.” As a church we hold to the Savoy Declaration which summarises the Reformation truths of Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone and to the glory of God alone. 


As a church we are affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregation Churches (EFCC). This associates us with a wider body of believers who hold to 'Gospel truth, Gospel fellowship and Gospel Independence'. Our minister, Mark Ladds, is a regional secretary in the Fellowship. For more information on the EFCC, follow the link below to their website. 

Rev. Mark Ladds

Mark is our new minster here at Cannon Park. He is married to Barbara, who helps out in the church. In his spare time Mark enjoys fishing and the outdoor life. Above all, he is a sinner saved by grace. Mark's desire is to share this life-giving grace with others and be a servant in the community where he is. He is also the regional secretary in the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches.

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